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Poniej spisy wszystkich pisenek z dwóch oficjalnych soundtracków. W nawiasie podany jest tytuł odcinka, z którego pochodzi muzyka:

Due South Soundtrack: Volume I

  1. DUE SOUTH THEME - instrumental version, Jay Semko
  2. BONE OF CONTENTION, Spirit of the West ("An Eye for an Eye")
  3. CABIN MUSIC, Original Score
  4. POSSESSION - piano version, Sarah McLachlan ("Victoria's Secret")
  5. HORSES, Original Score ("They Eat Horses, Don't They?")
  6. AKUA TUTA, Kashtin ("Hawk And A Handsaw")
  7. AMERICAN WOMAN, The Guess Who ("Diefenbaker's Day Off")
  8. HENRY MARTIN, Figgy Duff ("Gift Of The Wheelman")
  9. RIDE FOREVER, Paul Gross ("All The Queen's Horses")
10. FLYING, Blue Rodeo ("Some Like it Red")
11. DUE SOUTH THEME - vocal version, Jay Semko
12. NEON BLUE, Holly Cole Trio ("Chicago Holiday")
13. VICTORIA'S SECRET, Original Score ("Victoria's Secret")
15. EIA MATER: FROM STABAT MATER, The Toronto Mendelssohn Choir ("The Deal")
16. FRASER/INUIT SOLILOQUY, Paul Gross ("An Eye For An Eye")
17. DIEF'S IN LOVE, Original Score

Due South Soundtrack: Volume II

  1. OH, WHAT A FEELING, Junkhouse ("Eclipse")
  2. DRUNKEN SAILOR, Captain Tractor ("Mountie on the Bounty")
  3. THE ROBERT MACKENZIE, Paul Gross ("Mountie on the Bounty")
  4. MIND (piano version), Vibrolux ("Good for the Soul")
  5. MOUNTIE ON THE BOUNTY, Jack Lenz/Jay Semko ("Mountie on the Bounty" score music)
  6. SONG FOR A WINTER'S NIGHT, Sarah McLachlan ("Hunting Season")
  7. SLAVE TO YOUR LOVE, Dutch Robinson ("Mountie & Soul")
  8. FROM A MILLION MILES, Single Gun Theory ("Pilot movie")
  9. TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME, Trevor Hurst ("Doctor Longball")
10. NOVEMBER, Mythos ("Seeing is Believing")
11. CUBICALLY CONTAINED, The Headstones ("Mountie & Soul")
12. NOBODY'S GIRL, Michelle Wright ("Mountie Sings the Blues")
13. SOPHIA'S PIPES, Ashley MacIsaac ("Mountie on the Bounty")
14. WESTERN END OF THE TRAIL, Jack Lenz/Jay Semko ("Mountie Sings the Blues")
15. HOLY TEARS, Tara McLean ("Call of the Wild")
16. DUE SOUTH THEME '97, Jay Semko (All episodes)

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